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Nordiclead AS

Nordiclead AS has for more than 10 years delivered leadership for hire services within several large industries in the Nordic region. Mainly within complex change / turnaround initiatives, taking lead in combined technology/business developments and implementations. Services has been given throughout the full supply chain. Previous to starting Nordiclead AS, the owner, Jens Lindgård-Paley, has had the CEO role in start-ups, and the CIO role in fast growing company builds with expansions into several countries. As part of top management in this period, working with top management further as management for hire. The company is currently (2019-2020) undergoing a transformation focusing on new business development areas. Coming from a background of development and implementation, the focus now shifts into innovation and impact via new ways of collaboration. The owner of the company, Jens Lindgård-Paley, is currently joining a part time executive program in creative leadership - at THNK School of creative leadership in Amsterdam. As part of this program, Jens also aims to develop a new business area for the future, forming an "Endeavour". The topic under exploration is "how to prepeare societies for increased immigration as a consequence of climate change.


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